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BLB Do you have clashes with the other editors?

GM Well Suroosh walks around with a big gold jihad ring and a big beard and we've had about seven different articles against immigration.

BLB He's Pakistani, and a Muslim. You're not anti-Muslim, are you?

GM No, but I think we have to be a lot less tolerant of immigrant Muslims. Shane, on the other hand, wants it to be easier to sell, so he doesn't want me to have the Anal Sex Guide or the race issue with your photos of Nazi skinheads. He doesn't like that, so we lock horns. So to answer your question, I definitely sneak my own agenda in there. Like the "Hooray for Hate" article, which at first glance is about the merits of hate in science and art, but really what I'm saying is America needs to stop immigration and be intolerant of illegal immigrants.

BLB You said that males and females were divided equally in their opinion on that article. Was that true?

GM All the people who praised it were women and all the people who hated it were men. Men are pussies now.

BLB Pussy-whipped.

GM I think what's happened is -- speaking of liberal fascism -- as far as sexism goes women are too empowered and men are too de-balled. I get laid whenever I want, and I think one of the reasons is that I fuck the living shit out of girls. I'll slap the shit out of them, I'll pull their hair back, I'll debase them and call them a fucking whore.

BLB Stop, I'm getting excited.

GM I mean, afterwards obviously I wipe the come off her face and say, "Who did this to my baby?" and hold her close. But, you know, you've got to be a man, and there are no men anymore. They're such fucking wimps.

BLB Don't people understand that sex is based on the tendency toward the debasement of the love object?

GM Men don't debase women in bed anymore. Emily and I were talking to a friend about anal sex, and she said her boyfriend never had the balls to try it. Now that's like not having the balls to reach for a cookie when you're a little kid. Sure, you're going to be told no a lot of times when you try to put it up their heinie, but you have to try. She called us the next day and thanked us because her boyfriend fucked her up the ass. We instilled in him the courage to try it.

BLB You had the Vice Guide to Anal Sex, which you helpfully wrote.

GM Which he'd never read. We also had the Eating Pussy article.

BLB The kind of feminism that has developed is one that pussy-whips men and makes them into liberal geeks, but don't you think that militant, even separatist feminism is totally valid, because it's about women's autonomy, their right to fuck off and do what they want?

GM All feminism is valid. It's all about empowerment, which is always valid. I don't care if it's seventies women burning their bras or Annie Sprinkle chicks giving dildo tours. It's always valid.

BLB Or hijab, as I argue in the article that recently appeared in Vice. [Hijab refers to the covering worn by Muslim women.]

GM Or hijab. But the problem is these men who get cowed by it. I took Women's Studies in university -- I've always lived with the most militant feminists, and they were always abused by their boyfriends. Their boyfriends were the most macho cocksuckers in the world. And I remember being perplexed by that in university, but now that I'm older I understand.

BLB But don't women manipulate even the most masculine men?

GM There's definitely an equal power-play there. My grandparents had a totally egalitarian relationship. Even though she was on her knees scrubbing the floors, she'd get her own back and have her own ways of empowering herself that were difficult to detect.

BLB That seems to be how Muslim culture works. Anyway, let's get back to the magazine. Where were you educated?

GM Carlton University and Concordia.

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